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Government Money
myatodd_mir (1)

Backstory :

Me and Abbi wanted to create a game that would have allowed players to make a 'dream city' by budgeting and investing however much money they want into education, hospitals, housing and emergency services.

Aim of the Game:

The idea of the game is to let people make decisions about how they would like to run their city . The player gets a certain amount of tax each month depending on the number of residents, the equation being no. of residents*100 . The player then can invest in housing, education, hospitals or emergency services.

What we would have liked to do:

We originally started the game on pygame, but didn't get very far as we found it difficult to code with, as we didn't have much experience with it. If we had more time, i think we would have persevered with pygame and the game would have included graphics, buttons, etc. Also, we would have liked to have make the program only go round 5 times, include a 'residents variable (so if your city is good and your investments are balanced then you have more residents, but if they aren't, then residents move out). Your number of residents would determine weather you win or lose. we would also liked to of have a happiness variable, where you can see how good your town is and how close to moving out your residents are.

Thank you for playing!

Steven_The_GuyT (371)

Did you know that your money could go down into the negatives without any punishment? I don't think this could happen in real life!

myatodd_mir (1)

Yeahhhh I know but I coded it in like 3 hours.... if I had more time I would have made it end the game or something @Steven_The_GuyT