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Goomba Stack, an Accidental Game!
AstrumDeorum (162)

This game came out of a collision test in a SMB clone I'm trying to do. I made it so you created Goombas on click, and it was kind of amusing, so I made it into a separate game.
Basically, you just want to see how many goombas you can stack at one time. If 2 goombas completely overlap (give or take, the detection is a little weird) then one of those Goombas is destroyed.
There is no easy way to cheat, manual score change is impossible and an autoclicker won't work very well.
Your Goomba space is limited to what you see on screen, so the main objective is seeing how many goombas fit into that area.


maryslarson1 (0)

Do you think the A in online classes is actually the equivalent of an A in the classroom? I don't. The online classes my kids tried (and largely failed) to endure were all solitary homework and tests and no co-curriculars, group study or experiential education.

Bookie0 (6407)

Pretty sure I destroyed my mouse from clicking too much..and quite possibly my finger! xD