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Google Drive web hosting
TheTranscendent (6)

I was very frustrated when Google discontinued their static-web-hosting feature of Google Drive (because I actually used that feature).
So, I made this, and it works. It does exactly the same thing as that discontinued feature. Any shared and public on the web files or folders that are stored in Google Drive are accessible through this server. It's basically a proxy for Google Drive.

You can make a HTML5 "website" entirely in a google-drive shared folder and then copy that folder's id and use this server to access that "website". Of course then your "website" is not actually a website or even a domain, it's a collection of web-pages and files.

At last, free web-hosting on Google-Drive is back via

As of now it has no capabilities to edit files on Drive, and I probably won't add any because I'm happy with the way it works now.