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Gold Hunt
dosmaster4life (377)

Hunt the golden ball and avoid the dangerous obstacles that can damage your score!

LittleNomster (114)

redballs = -1 p[t
greenballs= -all pts
blue ball is you
nice game good job

brenchleyaa (4)

you should add more obstacles

DJWang (1354)

Wow! Great job! I managed to glitch outside the map, but it's great work!

pizzaharald (8)


install (9)

Good but make it betteer


so cool

ebest (672)

much simplicity very votes


Iggyking123 (0)

what programing language is it?

potgfzaxc (0)

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee booooooooiiiiiiiii

jeffh2 (0)

Wow I love this game wish I could do something like this!

amasad (3449)

This is awesome! I think you should die if you get hit by the ball because otherwise you could keep going forever.

AlyssaHatch (0)

I really enjoyed this game! Keep coding! ;D

MichaelButler1 (0)

How did you make this? teach me!


coolest program ever......

WyattEvers (0)

This game changed my life

KamarWashington (0)

This game is live i appreciate you making it!

Golden_Jordan (0)

Thanks, this is helping me distract from my painful pancreatic cancer

elephantcoder (0)

This game is pretty good, Wish it had levels that would make it even better!

haya (9)

This is cool game, I like it. I would love to see how much I score compared to others!

EpicGamer425 (9)

Can u add WASD support?

dosmaster4life (377)

@epicgamer425: I might in a few days, doing some minor upgrades and fixing a few bugs.

dosmaster4life (377)

@user23802991: Thanks for the scoreboard idea the api seems useful! I would use it but unless I did it server sided people could change the source code to change their score.

JSer (84)

Good concept but I think you can make it into 3D (Try to use the three.js library, it's not hard to use)
Also, make the game fit the screen

dosmaster4life (377)

@iamcaleblol: I haven't used 3.js before but it looks cool I'll give it a try.

dosmaster4life (377)

@iamcaleblol: I may do another 3D project later but this game was meant to be 2D.