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Goblin Hunter
Luisfetoga (119)

Hello! This is the game I created for the game jam: Goblin Hunter.
There are 2 players, the idea is to hunt (touch) the goblins that appear on the map, first to 20 points win!
Player 1 moves with the arrow keys, and the Player 2 with WASD.
Feel free to give feedback, if you want, you can look at the source code, I added comments so it's easier to understand.

I recommend playing in a new tab/window.

carmenchica (3)

Excellent game, it is very fun!

sojs (299)

This is pretty cool

epicman702 (487)

there is one small detail that needs fixing though
on the "game instructions" page it says the first to 28 wins
Could you fix that?

Luisfetoga (119)

@epicman702 I can, the thing is that the font I used has the '0' like that, I'm going to change it
EDIT: I didn't find an appropriate font for the 0 so I just used an 'O'

AyoX2 (1)

when you move diagnoly you move faster

Luisfetoga (119)

@AyoX2 its a hidden trick ;)



Websteria (1)

I refactored some of the early image learning code for you. :-) Clean coding style, when you see patterns like the loading of images this way, it's helpful to extract the code and place it in a method with a parameter, or multiple parameters. This will not only make your code more readable. but more modifiable in the end. I know this is a jam, but this screamed at me to refactor it. :-)

Luisfetoga (119)

@Websteria Wow, I honestly didn't think of that, thank you!

nfaulkner (1)

Thats really fun!

GabrielFreire (1)

this game awesome (-, i can't talk too much about the details because i'm an Brazilian that don't know too much of english, but i loved the game :,3

Luke25 (119)

This is actually awesome, good luck!

MyIsaak (1)

What about a walking animation, or goblins that run away? You have a nice rogue-like base but no sauce :) For the walking animation, you can cheat and mirror the image on its Y-axis.

h3xed (94)

@MyIsaak True! That would make the game alot more fun...

Luisfetoga (119)

@MyIsaak I am actually working on it, but nice idea of the y-axis mirroring, I'll see if it looks good.

Luisfetoga (119)

@MyIsaak I already did the goblin movement, it chooses a random distance and a random direction. I'm still working on the walking animation tho...

cerbers (3)

ce jeu est bien

JamieSmall (1)


dom489 (2)

adjustable color with a combat system would be great

Luisfetoga (119)

@dom489 You mean adjusting the color of the player?

dom489 (2)

@Luisfetoga being able to select the colors of players and enemys

idrawhorsechamp (5)

The arrow key goblin makes the whole screen scroll. :|

Luisfetoga (119)

@idrawhorsechamp That's why I recommend playing in a new tab, that is a problem I can't fix

CalsonLee (9)

Good game, but I think the win condition is broken. I got player 1 to 30 points and nothing happened.

CalsonLee (9)

@CalsonLee It works for player 2 tho. Also, the teleporting through the map edge doesn't work for player 1 but it works for player 2.

CalsonLee (9)

@CalsonLee my bad it fixed itself