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Go board game
op (41)
Play the ancient game of Go with Python turtle interactivity! 🤓

SPS_OP (0)

Great piece of code

RTT (0)

Wow, didn't realise Python Turtle was interactive!

op (41)

@rtt: Yeah, very easy to work with, thanks

RTT (0)

Very nice aesthetic, fun to play!

op (41)

@rtt: Go is a fun game

op (41)

Please give this a go, it took me hours 😂.

op (41)

@timmy-chen: Haha very nice, I didn't even realise!

TimmyChen1 (128)

I love this! This is fantastic and super creative - I didn't even know this kind of interactivity was possible with turtle!

op (41)

@timmy-chen: Thanks! That really means a lot!

paulgaffaney (0)

hey I'm just wondering how you were able to use the python canvas - I've been trying to but can't figure it out.

op (41)

@paulgaffaney: There is a separate programming language in called "Python (with turtle)" very useful I find.

amjad123 (2)

So cool and the code is simple and readable! But I'm getting an error when I'm hitting the edges

op (41)

@amjad-masad: Ahh! OK, I'll fix that!

op (41)

@amjad-masad: Fixed! took me long enough, lmk if this now works, also, now working on minesweeper, somewhat more difficult but uses a lot of similar aspects.

amasad (3447)

@op: nice! Alright tag me when you release the minsweeper, i look forward to it

the_tootoo_guy (4)

it would be cool to see the game explained first