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Go Fish 2 Player Game
CodingRobot12 (182)

Go Fish Game

Go Fish is a fun card game that you can play with multiple people. In this game of Go Fish, you must play it with 2 people. Unfortunately there is also no option where you can play against the computer so grab a partner have fun with this game!

Rules of Go Fish

I know that some of you have not heard of the rules of Go Fish. So here are the rules:

  • There are 52 cards in the game. Each player gets 7 cards from that card deck. As soon as each player gets their 7 cards, the game starts.

  • The first player that goes looks at what cards they have and asks the second player if they have that one particular card. You are not allowed to state a card that you don't have.

  • The second player can do either two things. They can either give you the cards that they have (not just one but all of that card) or say "Go Fish" if they have no cards. If the person says "Go Fish", you have to choose a random card from the card deck.

  • If the second player gives you cards, you get to play again. If you got a card from a pile, your turn is over.

  • However, there is one condition in which your turn does not end if you get a card out from the pile. If you got a card and you have four of that same card, you get a trick of that card (which is also you earning a point). Therefore, if you pick up a card from the card pile and you have four of that same card, you get a trick and you can still continue your turn. This also happens if you get four of kind when the other player gives you cards.

*These other steps (beside the first one) continue until there are no cards in the deck and there are 13 tricks combined. Whoever has the most tricks win.

*Also, in this version of the game, if you run out of cards, you are allowed to pick one and ask the player that number. In addition, if there are no cards left in the pile and the other player asks you to Go Fish, you do nothing.

Anyways have fun with this game and upvote this repl post if you really liked playing this version of the game!