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Global Nonsense Chatroom (HTML markdown for messages)
PowerCoder (740)


This is The Global Nonsense Chatroom where you can chat with people from around the world in a modern chatroom with sleek and modern UI.


I take a little bit of a different approach with markdown. We let people message each other with HTML styled messages.
(This feature is getting taken down for a while due to misuse)


  • Good moderation
  • Slow-mode to stop spam
  • Modern and sleek UI
  • Help and rules pages

This is one of my first Node.js projects! Hope you enjoy 😀!

Highwayman (1483)

That was.... an experience lol. love it!

AmazingMech2418 (1082)

Nice, but it's offline now.

PowerCoder (740)

@AmazingMech2418 my little brother accidentally typed something.

dillonjoshua68 (73)

@PowerCoder , I think it’s still hacked, or there’s a glitch, I’m stuck in the test screen

PowerCoder (740)

@dillonjoshua68 No. I fixed the hack before it. But there is a new hack.

dillonjoshua68 (73)

Ohh, wow , did someone place a virus, or is someone hacking it [email protected]

PowerCoder (740)

@dillonjoshua68 There is someone hacking continously. I'm working on it at this second.

Codemonkey51 (1057)

I think someone inject js and killed it (Ik how but I just report not abuse) @ZDev1

PowerCoder (740)

@ZDev1 Someone hacked but I fixed it. I'll be moderating closely right now.


Its nice but for some reason it is upside down.

PowerCoder (740)

@CarlosRosiles Yea. There is a hacker. I fixed it though

TheNethrRaven (86)

hey! Can i apply to be a mod?

PowerCoder (740)

@Ravens0606 Sure, when I update it. I'll talk to you about it.

johnnyfrancis (24)

The real is NOT WORKING for me. It just shows me a blank screen.

PowerCoder (740)

@johnnyfrancis This chat is dead. So I don't think you'd want to be moderator. But I'm going to make a new version where you can be moderator

johnnyfrancis (24)

@PowerCoder cool! Can't wait for it to be made!!! :D

ByBolawa (0)

@PowerCoder how could i change the pass for mod? I have looked through the scripts and have seen nothing

JackFly26 (106)

You gotta sanitize that html dude lol

awesome10 (232)

how do i become a mod?

PowerCoder (740)

@awesome10 All you do is ask me. I'm working on another chatroom were I'll give you the moderator role

zplusfour (914)

Whar u said that we can use HTML elements!

PowerCoder (740)

@ZDev1 I disabled that feature after a while due to misuse.

lightningrock (151)

also it keeps scrooling me to a message at the top
so i
cant send a mssage @PowerCoder


i can't send msgs on the chatroom

PowerCoder (740)

@Nerd0000 You have to wait for the slow mode thing to say "You can chat now!" (This prevents people from spamming)


@PowerCoder but this don't happen

NoelB33 (351)

Is the repl private? It’s not loading for me, it just shows a gray screen.

PowerCoder (740)

@NoelB33 Sorry about that. The Repl was private. I fixed it though.