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Geometry Dash based game in HTML
theangryepicbanana (1697)

Tried to recreate Geometry Dash in HTML using a JS library I've been making (called Property, which relies on p5), that is supposed to make creating a web game much easier and simpler. I'm actually trying to work on a reference guide for it right now, because it's slightly confusing at first.
(sorry if that was really long)


its good, you should add levels!

lzk (0)

Hey! This is really good but the jumping is odd and the detail is bad. Add details and use sines for jump height and i'll give it a 9/10!

codingduck (9)

i think you should use sines for jump height instead of just going up and down

theangryepicbanana (1697)

@codingduck Yeah I didn't know how that stuff worked when I originally made this lol

codingduck (9)

@theangryepicbanana yea me neither just a suggestion

ay14 (2)

quite hard to play

MrTrex (17)

I have completed 11 demons in GD

LD1 (53)

It would be even better if you used the actual gravity formula

techgeek680 (73)

i am horrible at geometry dash and i dont have it but i can improve online! good job!

PendaCodeInc (0)

umm... how do u move?

theangryepicbanana (1697)

@pendacodeinc: Oops. Green button to move forward, red to stop, grey for reverse. Click/up arrow to jump

haltosan (5)

How did you do physics, and how would you move to more graphic based programming from console based?

theangryepicbanana (1697)

@haltosan: The physics uses a wip collision detection system I created (look in the Property.js tab to see). Not sure what you're asking in the second question.

haltosan (5)

@theangryepicbanana: I primarily use python, Ruby, Java, etc. but that is only on the console. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for how to program graphics and or what language would be good to do that kind of stuff. Thanks

theangryepicbanana (1697)

@haltosan: For graphics, I like using Processing because it has easy to use graphics, and you can actually use it in more than one language. Here's the website if you're interested:

theangryepicbanana (1697)

@haltosan: And for Ruby, there is a Gem called JRubyArt(requires Processing) that you could try, but it’s kinda complicated.

theangryepicbanana (1697)

@haltosan: No problem. I actually program in over 6 languages, so I can answer most questions people have about stuff