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rax_racks (2)

The bot is actually part of the website, hosted through the main js file on the website. Source Code:
This bot has features such as image manipulation, random word generators, clan name generators and more.
I couldn't find out how to make a gif so I will just paste the main help command description: gen-clan: Generates a random clan name.
gen-urban: Generates a random word and collects the urban dictionary definition for it.
gen-reddit: Finds the latest post on a random subreddit.
gen-r/<subreddit>: Finds the latest post on the chosen subreddit.
gen-u/<username>: Finds the latest post from the chosen user.
gen-clan-suggest <suggestion>: Sends a suggestion to the dev to add the words to the clan name generator database.
gen-oof: OOF!
gen-greyscale <link>
gen-flip <link>
gen-invert <link>
gen-bright <link>
gen-dark <link>
gen-blur <link>
gen-ruin <link> (broken)