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This is a game where you work as a game developer. Your goal is to produce games and earn money. By doing so, you unlock very fun features, such as unlocking the Item Shop, and etc...

Lemme know what else I should add :)


-Name your studio
-Name your games
-Buy stuff from the store
-Reset Game
-Options on where to release games
-And more!!!

Stay tuned for updates...

As always, upvote if you enjoyed, and have a nice day!!!

This is my first Big Project, so please be nice.
This is just the demo.

srirammanikanda (6)

I got a bug when trying sell games on steam.

DynamicSquid (5027)

I hate fake loading messages!!!!

System.out.println(" ");

But cool game nonetheless


@DynamicSquid oof. Thanks though :)

CodeLongAndPros (1632)

@DynamicSquid People say Python is slow.

The reason:

with Halo(text='Loading your game'):

This is just the demo (it is meant not to be perfect). I'm sorry for hearing bugs and errors in the game.

Cookiezz (62)

This is really cool! However I do kind of agree with @DynamicSquid. The fake loading things are a little annoying... Also, waiting for 10 seconds doing nothing is slightly irritating... Also.......... there's an error when I try to sell a game on Steam...

CodeLongAndPros (1632)

This is a nice game. I have two points to make:
About your code.

You indent by 8 spaces when repl is set to two space.


Your 'Game dev' never encounters a bug that takes him a week to solve.


@CodeLongAndPros ok, I'll try to fix and add things.