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[Game] SnakeWaterGun!!!goesBurrrrrr!!!!

So here , after a ling time i logged in on , i saw a bunch a new things...but wait this post is about the game i made. xD


So here i made a snake , water , gun game where you select your choice whether you want to go with snake or water or gun.

How to play

So basically for those guys who don't know how to play this game; here are the instructions:
Water will win from gun , gun will win from snake, snake will win from water


The code is easy . But run the repl before you start playing and thanks for reading this boring stuff :P also i created this game long back when i learned python.


I made the code to run infinitely using just one line while True:

Rufus310 (8)

You could put the whole thing in a while loop to make it repeat instead of making people re-run it every time.


@Rufus310 oh yes , thanks for the suggestion. I will implement it in my free time as now i have my maths class


@GhostKingNico 😂 can you pls tell me how is this? This would help me to improve

GhostKingNico (10)

@TANMAYBAGADIA i said it is pog which means awesome


@GhostKingNico why sorry? xD i was not offended and thx for telling me the meaning of pog :)

GhostKingNico (10)

oop, i gotta go do my science lesson now @TANMAYBAGADIA