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Game Reveal: Fallout

In the year 2157, it has been more than 50 years after a nuclear war nearly destroyed mankind.
A group of 1000 people from different countries were sheltered in bunkers.
But over the years, all the others have died or mutated into hideous, man-eating monsters.
You are the sole survivor of the apocalypse.
Now your food has run out, life support is failing, and you must forge out onto the surface in a last attempt.
You exit your bunker, seeing a strange and bleak landscape.

This is the Fallout.

This game is text-based and instructions are provided, but here are some of the abbreviations used:
Monster fighting is purely automatic, otherwise gameplay would be too complicated.
Keep track of your hunger and health, and don't let either of them run out.
Eating restores 3-5 hunger and 5-10 health. Strength is your attack power.
Also, there is a finite limit to the terrain, but change it in the code if you like.

--Misc Notes--
8/9/2021 Alpha 1.0
some elements, like inventory or stealth are not yet fully completed.
There will be numerous updates in the coming days and weeks.

8/10/2021 Beta 1.0
inventory, stealth, and defense have been added. Now random events such as suit punctures or acid rain occur randomly.

8/11/2021 Beta 1.1
New world gen, fully displayed statistics, various bug fixes

8/11/2021 Beta 1.2
Fixed bug with stealth system and made realistic structure generation

Hope you enjoy!
Feel free to fork or edit.

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