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ethanshaozz1928 (22)

omg its rickrolling me

Leroy01010 (413)


(I like the prof pic wht anime is it?)


ethanshaozz1928 (22)

@Leroy01010 its the quintessential quintuplets its really good

hello1964 (26)

This is not a game maker.

isaiah08 (63)

I will not upvote untill you stop having it rickroll.


@numcomx,@haya etc..... anyone has the code for this game............................
plzz send link if you have...

Nugget521YT (0)

Wow I never get rick rolled hahahaha

Codemasterrr (0)

i almost fell for the rick roll


The best game maker EVER

gohn (3)


EekulD (16)

damn, I just got tricked eim sho suad uh nuh ;T

JakeD1234 (2)

Can i use this code on one of my projects? Because its this is the best rickro--I mean game maker ive ever seen. But all jokes aside can i please use this?

Lumpy_Wiggles (87)

Wow, this is great! To be honest, I actually use this to build games even more than anything else... how else would you rickroll people?

haya (9)

@numcomx: is that how you felt about it? I thought it's 😂

haya (9)

Best repl ever !

numcomx (111)

@haya: Game of the year :P