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[ Game ] F.I.N.G.E.R. GANG
Coder100 (18199)


You are the repairman of TOUCHPAD PRISON and you must keep the inmates from escaping! These inmates are CRITICAL to Mouselandia and even an army has been sent to rescue them!


A lot of you have fingers instead of hands, so I decided to help accommodate that.

How to play

You use your finger to repair each cell (there's going to be a health bar if it's below max) and click to destroy any units of the army.


  • A point every ~1 second
  • 10 points for every unit destroyed

Game Strategy

  • Machine Guns deal lots of damage to your prisoners and should be destroyed first.
  • Turrents are a bit harder to destroy, so do not spend too much time on them
  • Soldiers are weak, you can ignore them
  • The multi-gun is very strong and should be destroyed after the machine gun
    Ok, this strategy might not be very good but hey, it works


Lieutenant mouse coming to repl talk posts near you (just kidding)
My high score is 12. Can you beat me?


So, I'm going to make a comment saying post your scores here, please make sure it's on the top of the comments so I can easily access.


Coder100 (18199)


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Coder100 (18199)

sorry for the delay, you have been added. @BrownieBoi

potatojs (846)

wait a second YOU KNOW P5????
is there something in the programing you don't know?
also here is my score

if you want to add me you know :D

plus i lost On purpose because, will i have other stuff to do

octopyBot (265)

@potatojs yez he is OP but pls don't swear

also wts P5

firefish (948)

@octopyBot p5 is a javascript graphics library

potatojs (846)

is it a swear?? ok @firefish
fixed ;)

potatojs (846)

@firefish @octopyBot and it's my second favorite js lib <3 after node of course

firefish (948)

@potatojs Well, it's not as much as a swear word as ** or *** or ** or ** or *** or *** (i'm actually typing random asterisks now pls help me), but you get the idea.

Coder100 (18199)

excuse me whats going on @firefish

firefish (948)

@Coder100 i got 23 score tops, and i'm chatting to Lord Potato about whether "goddamn" is swearing or not

Coder100 (18199)

I would like to interject for a second, node is not a javascript library because it is a language. Node uses the chrome v8 engine, meaning it is as powerful as your browser. In my opinion, goddamn is not a bad word, however, due to the context of the post, you should not be commenting the word. @firefish

firefish (948)

@Coder100 i can't get anymore, my touchscreen computer might be battered if i try again lol

firefish (948)

@Coder100 @potatojs ok then, Lord Cookie and Lord Potato

potatojs (846)

thanks but i don't think so lol
maybe after i make my first multiplayer game!!(this is my current objective) and i'm a master after i learn AI :)
but currently i'm just i potato

potatojs (846)

ehh i think node is a runtime envirment for js
yes it uses v8 chrome js engine and it's made in c++
soo it's not a language either :)
but i like call it a lib because it's simpler and sweet :)
(this definition is wrote in there main page... i think soo..)
wait a second let me check
note:i'm not trying to be smart or something i mean i just start learning node 4 days ago and i'm Arguing with a full stack dev in about the deffinition of node soo

sorry lord cooki :D
InvisibleOne (2990)


New score, I couldn't let a potato beat me... no offense potatojs

octopyBot (265)

@Coder100 SOMEONE was swearing but we fixed it

firefish (948)

@DannyIsCoding I got 23... anything better is good

also, how do you get so good

PattanAhmed (1406)

@Coder100 Hi!
What a game!
I got the highest score of 171
Register me in the Leaderboard
My highest score:-


Comment me!

PattanAhmed (1406)

@Coder100 Add me in the leaderboard

InvisibleOne (2990)

How come I'm not on the leaderboard? @coder100, well I am, but with my old score

potatojs (846)

but you aren't the first

MumboJumboFan (4)

oh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss weeks of trying

arivvid27 (27)

Remember me? I had to reset my account because I don't know why

firefish (948)

@Leroy01010 That's the £1,000,000 question

firefish (948)

@Leroy01010 no, really, it is the million pound question

firefish (948)

@Leroy01010 dundundundundundundun (me trying to write down the music to Who Wants To Be A Millionare?, and failing drastically)

viraatvv (147)

my new high score is now 132

Smart0ne (743)

@Smart0ne If the image doesn't show, I got a high score of 168. :( It's so hard

Barry123 (350)

I got a high score of 193

MarblesAndMore (61)

I have a touchscreen computer so it is easier but still hard, great game btw

Coder100 (18199)

Sorry, I'm not persian, what is that website about? @soodabeh2514

CodingRobot12 (182)

This game is cool I got this:

Coder100 (18199)

awesome!! Adding you! (Sorry for the late response, I got a lot of notifications and I think I skipped you) @aguy11


Ugh, I got 182

FlaminHotValdez (694)

this is so much easier than your mouse game, even though i'm usingg a mouse lol

Coder100 (18199)

xD Something about clicking just is more easier than moving your hand @maxyang

Name12 (161)

first try

awesome game by the way!! @Coder100
u always make such good games
and gg to u too.

Coder100 (18199)

thanks!! Adding you :) @Name12

Name12 (161)

thanks for adding me. and this is awesome like all of your posts. @Coder100