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[ Game ] Anti-Social Mouse
Coder100 (18184)

The Anti-Social Mouse

Hello!! As you may know, I got a new computer!! So, here's a little game I finished on it.


You are a mouse in Mouselandia. One day you got kidnapped!
Apparently you got kidnapped by the F.I.N.G.E.R.S. F.I.N.G.E.R.S. is a terrorist group based in Mobila. They have been enemies of Mouselandia since day 1. You are detained in TOUCHPAD PRISON the worst prison in THE WORLD
Use your mouse to move your way out of the prison! Avoid Guards (red) Lava (red) and Sliding Doors (red)

Cacti included.


I made this game because I never really have seen any really good mouse-based games. Hopefully, this will inspire you to make a few!


Well, you are part of Mouselandia, so basically if you are on an iPad, you are part of the F.I.N.G.E.R. gang (meaning this game is not for you)!

  • Computer
  • Laptop



Have a good day! Enjoy :D


Posted by me: How to beat the last level (it's so easy it's hard!
click please

Lieutenant Cursor: Anti-Social Mouse 2

Ok, judging from the name I think you can already tell the plot. Anyways, inside will contain loads of new enemies and better graphics! Are ya hyped?

Coder100 (18184)

yay! @CodingCactus DynamicSquid likes your level!

Wilke000 (636)

The cactus infected me first @DynamicSquid, then this happened:

Barry123 (350)

@Wilke000 Go around the cactus many times and it will shrink into a small dot

HahaYes (1864)

hmmm whats the new computer?

Coder100 (18184)

um a lenovo one with more storage @HahaYes

alextotoro1 (12)


My computer has basically no storage
Or maybe I take up too much storage
Cuz I ran out of storage after one month @Coder100

alextotoro1 (12)

i think its because i downloaded at least 50 different games on it at once

alextotoro1 (12)

At least I got to play this before the computer totally died @coder100

potatojs (846)

at least your computers had CPU
it's an intel core 2 :)

viraatvv (147)

@HahaYes yeah... i have intel core i7 but one time the computer's built in keyboard got overloaded with dust

HahaYes (1864)

@viraatvv I've got a i7 with a cooling system that is solely built on by ice cubes.

ShivankChhaya (240)

What does F.I.N.G.E.R.S stand for??

zplusfour (903)

@ShivankChhaya For Invisible Nuggets Go Eat Roast Salad

Coder100 (18184)

oh, um F.I.N.G.E.R.S. actually stands for
F.I.N.G.R.R.S. @ShivankChhaya

ShivankChhaya (240)

@Coder100 WHat does F.I.N.G.R.R.S stand for

zplusfour (903)

@ShivankChhaya Fill In a Good Roasted Room Silly

ShivankChhaya (240)

@ZDev1 Ok. Got it. But do you mean fill or filling?

zplusfour (903)

@ShivankChhaya command verb
fill this form!
fill this cup!

zplusfour (903)

@ShivankChhaya also this is not what it's stand for I am jk

ayush2007 (42)

am i the first to complete

aarushkatta (8)


Aidan0626 (9)

it's so easy to beat the game on mobile
just tap the green portal every time :)

RayvelArjoon (88)

There's another one :O
This one was hard enough!

Coder100 (18184)

haha, I anticipate the next one to be more about the plot than gameplay ;) @RayvelArjoon

zplusfour (903)

when I clicked the right click
it redirects me to the homepage!
Don't think that I need to inspect it, lol

zplusfour (903)

@Coder100 why?
I was in the hardest level?
tell MEH why

Coder100 (18184)

if you resize the screen you restart @ZDev1

alextotoro1 (12)

Well that explains why I spent the first 5 minutes of the game glitching between the home screen and the first level. @Coder100

TerrorbuildLuna (41)

You can cheat by right clicking, and then moving your mouse to the green circle, then left clicking

Megaladon (25)

OMG!! I love this game it is soooooo much fun!!!!

LeoXu2 (41)

i am enraged. rage quit time!

Coding1000 (11)

This is harder than the world hardest game!

zh24eric (43)

Nice Game!

It was really cool
How did you do the cactus?

Coder100 (18184)

Thanks! The cactus level was designed (obviously) by @CodingCactus @zh24eric

ayush2007 (42)

how are u coder 100 remember me long time no talk

georgina3 (7)

I got to level 4 !!!! arghhhhh!!!!!
I was sooooo frustrated*

  • not that frustrated
ChezTacoz (341)

Me after reading the description: I wonder what F.I.N.G.E.R.S stands for

JiahaoCao (12)

i used the trick in the impossible game (right click)

Gameknight2169 (3)

I just see the giant cactus and I'm like wot
good game! the last one was kinda hard but I finally passed it!

KellerWorthen (40)

Played it on my phone. All you have to do is press blue circle green circle

codingmaster123 (17)

@Coder100 Just asking but do you wanna make something together?

codingmaster123 (17)

@Coder100 Ok, just tell me when you can message me.


And also i think the first level very hard


This game is very good i love it!

codingmaster123 (17)

Nice game, but the text size looks a bit weird to me. The text is blurry.

Coder100 (18184)

Thanks! Yeah, the text size is a bit blurred due to the size of your device. It is best played at a square. @codingmaster123

codingmaster123 (17)

@Coder100 Oh ok, thanks for telling me. I learnt something new (Yeah!)