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[ GAME ] Trashy
Coder100 (17010)


So recently I have taken to writing a CookeyLang Interpreter in TypeScript, other than to make the code more 'maintainable' and as a bridge to writing it in C++ so it could be ya know, compiled.

About this game

Also while writing the TypeScript, I got .NET! To celebrate this occasion, I made this short program in Hopefully you like it!

How to Play

Collect garbage (don't collect yourself tho) in as few moves as possible! The garbage will keep piling up so you will never not have garbage, but don't wait for it to all pile up, you lose a move each time a new piece of garbage is added so to prevent farming.


Not quite sure, actually.


All of these bugs are with's crappy terminal. It will never be able to compete with native terminals, but hey, at least it can render some wide characters!


I hope you enjoy! I was a bit too lazy to add a leaderboard, but tell me if you want one! Also see if you can beat my high score of 1!

Coder100 (17010)

oh no, the idk how to hide the cursor :( @FlaminHotValdez

realTronsi (912)
  • 156 lines of code :|
  • why are you drawing under a while loop, of course the terminal is going to be laggy what did you expect (use threading for the timer or something)
Coder100 (17010)

lol yeah I have a lot of hindsight @realTronsi

alanchen12 (28)

Nice, my high score was 0!!!! I beat yours by -1!!!!

badst (655)

terminal flashes like crazy, (which is expected cuz repl). good job thoooo looks neat

Coder100 (17010)

thx :)
It shouldn't flicker tho @pepelaugh