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InvisibleOne (2990)

How to play!

Use wasd to move around, everytime you move the red gets closer, don't touch the red or you loose. You also get ten points everytime you move.

How to win!

Stay alive for as long as you can, the trick is to choose the places where you still have the most room to move about, the risk being, you never know where another line of red might come, so you could end up being in trouble
My high score: 1260

edit: Hmm, I think I'm going to have to get a higher high score

Post a screen shot and I'll add your score to his post
Have fun!


1. @dnilem26 --- 17920
2. @Hrmmmmmm --- 16660
3. @OneOwen --- 10860
4. @CosmosX9B --- 7420
5. @Axrevyn --- 7010
6. @TravisHutton --- 6700
7. @pewpewpiedipie --- 5650 and @RyanBansal1 --- 5650
8. @TonyYin1 --- 5620
9. @ChaosDragonSai --- 5430
10. @HermioneGrange2 --- 5220

Ahmadcreate0502 (10)

@Baconman321 i tried so much and you get it first time

Baconman321 (1097)

@Ahmadcreate0502 It's randomized, so if I try it again I may only get 200 or so. I would only have really gotten 1000 if it didn't add another row out of the empty space I had.

OneOwen (2)

@Ahmadcreate0502 i mean i got 1st place 5th try and its all about luck too

Coder100 (18208)

imagine not using curses

OneOwen (2)


InvisibleOne (2990)

Nice, I added you to the leaderboard @JustNeptun

Whippingdot (660)

Most of the people on the leaderboard are new accounts. Makes me think maybe some of the people on the leaderboard are the same person... @InvisibleOne

RobertThompson4 (12)

it is pretty smooth for a python game great job :)

adamgadd99 (2)

wow, that's a nice game! continue like that, you'll be a cool GameDev

anonymous360c (21)

Good thing. I have one question. How do you open the index in a new tab? Also, I recommend a different way of showing it, like turtle.

Muffinlavania (1526)

One thing, i saw the board is pretty weird...
You can literally do this to get the same exact thing (Shortcuts yayy)

#This is my maze thingie
-  -  -
- -----
#You can literally just do this
Muffinlavania (1526)

@Muffinlavania Im just saying this because then you can build mazes easily, and its easier to see and less line in general (Also fun game!)

InvisibleOne (2990)

Ok, thanks, I'll remember that @Muffinlavania

Muffinlavania (1526)

@InvisibleOne yeeee
Also Back.RED is very useful, literally looks like a GUI but its not

pewpewpiedipie (1)

i beat my personal best once again

i have no life

Duvangamer3845 (131)

i only leave for 4 days and everyone now uses a new python library(getch)

InvisibleOne (2990)

lol, yeah its pretty cool and easy to use, at first I was going to try and use cursors but getch was easier @Duvangamer3845

BCP (7)

@InvisibleOne What is getch anyways

InvisibleOne (2990)

It is basically like input() but you don't have to hit enter, I use it just like input just import getch from getch' and then key = getch() @Duvangamer3845

SeamusDonahue (457)

seeing others scores and playing it again, I think that might have been a glitch or something.. @InvisibleOne

InvisibleOne (2990)

I've found you just have to get lucky and not have the red come at you @SeamusDonahue

InvisibleOne (2990)

Cool, I'll add you to the leaderboard! @FinnHtcsw

JamesGordon1 (150)

Instead of the biggest score what about the smallest score

gonna see if I can get smaller then 20

InvisibleOne (2990)

I don't think it's possible @JamesGordon1

LingWu1 (94)

Bruh I got I high score of 7,834!
Great Game @InvisibleOne :D

InvisibleOne (2990)

wow cool, only one thing is a little bit funny. The score goes up by 10? so the last number in a score must be 0? @LingWu1


oh no not again


oh no

InvisibleOne (2990)

Hmm, when I made the came the points went up by increments of ten... @NoahJospeh

NoahJospeh (29)

@InvisibleOne well the only other way for me to get a score that high would be for me to fork your project, and i haven't dont that, as i don't even kknow how your code really works.

NoahJospeh (29)

@InvisibleOne photoshop doesnt work on chromebooks

InvisibleOne (2990)

It didn't have to be photoshop, it can be done with Inkscape, online editors, etc, the fact is, the score goes up by ten each time, so it couldn't have ended in a 7, it always has to be a zero @NoahJospeh

InvisibleOne (2990)

Nice, sorry I didn't get back to you, I was doing an awesome sniper course for the last few days @cowboyyall10