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Smart0ne (749)

After testing this game 100 times to make sure it's fair, I present to you: Among us ALPHA!


This is Among Us ALPHA, which is based on the game Among Us. You are in a ship, and there are other humans beside you. Some humans are imposters, and some are crewmates. The imposters goal is to kill all the crewmates, and the crewmates goal is to complete all the tasks.


TESTING - Started the game
ALPHA - Made rooms and more fixes

In the ALPHA update, I implemented rooms, so you can now go into different rooms. The map is based on The Skeld, but I got rid of some rooms that I didn't need for this update. I also added a few more tasks, and fixed the bug where you could go into the negatives.

I also made the bots smarter, in the way that if you kill someone and some other bot sees you, your suspicion level will go up, which will effect how often the bots will vote for you in a meeting.

BETA - (working on)

The BETA update will probably be the last testing update, where the game stays in the terminal. I'm going to add the ability to sabotage and the ability to observe. After this update is released, you probably won't here from me much, but I will be posting some of the work I have done, in preparation for the graphics update (note that this is still terminal graphics)

Known Bugs

None yet, so please comment below if you find something interesting!


Here are some common questions that one might ask.

What Do I Plan To Add?

I'll be going in detail for the updates I plan to add.

More tasks (partially completed)

I'm thinking on how I should add more tasks. It would be very nice if you guys could give me some tasks that I could possibly use.

Chatting/Votting System with AI

For the voting system, I'm planning to had a chat with bots. You can chat with the bots, and the bots might respond to you. Based on what bots type, it will influence the choice of who the bots will vote for. For example, a possible conversation could be (sus means suspicious)

You (Cyan): I think red sus, since I think red vented
Red: How?
Green: Yea red sus
Blue: I'm thinking cyan sus
You (Cyan): why would you think that?
Blue voted
Red voted
Green voted
You (Cyan): bruh
You (Cyan) voted
Voting Results
Blue: 0
Green: 0
Red: 2
Cyan: 2

More abilities for the imposter (venting complete)

Sabotage will be implemented soon. For now, the only sabotage I know is sabatoging the lights, so I'm thinking when the lights are sabotaged, you cannot move do anything except wait for the instructions to somehow fix the lights. Please comment on what other types of sabotage I could implement!


Graphics will be implemented as terminal graphics. :)

Halp, the terminal just freezes! Is this a bug?

No, this is not a bug. It is related to your internet connection. Rerun, reload, reconnect to internet, and if those steps don't work, ... I don't know how to help.


Thanks to Coder100, fuzzyastrocat, heyimmarcus, and InvisibleMan for responding to my questions in ask. I really appreciate their efforts to look through the questions on ask and answer them.


If you want a glimpse of how the game without running it, here is it! You can also find some of the strategy here.

That's how the game starts. For being crewmate, you can walk around and complete tasks. There are 2 main strategies: complete all tasks or search for imposter in admin.

Completing all tasks is a pretty solid way of winning as crewmate. The only problem with this is if you move around a lot, the imposter has a greater chance of killing you.

When you are in the admin room, you have the ability to see the full map and who is in each room. You can also take a look at the tasks that were completed, and keeping in mind that imposters can't complete tasks, you can use the process of elimination to find the imposter, and eject them with an emergency meeting.

This strategy actually works if you don't believe me, shown in the following screenshot is me ejecting the correct imposter.

So what happened here, was someone got killed in the cafeteria right in the beginning, but since I was moving to admin, I couldn't find out who did it. I wasn't paying attention and someone else got killed. I confirmed blue weren't the imposter, since I saw him doing tasks. I think I saw cyan vent from storage to navigation, so I tried to eject cyan, but there was a tie (no one was ejected) I started paying more attention to cyan's action, and when I saw cyan kill magenta, I tried to eject cyan, and I won!

Being imposter is one of the more fun parts of this game, since there is a lot more action going on. Note that you have a suspicion level. If someone sees you vent, your suspicion level will go up and people will more likely vote for you. If someone sees you kill, your suspicion level will go up.

You also have a kill cooldown, so you can't just kill everyone really quickly. For being imposter, my strategy is to go to admin first and look for loners (people that are by themselves), and then quickly vent to a room close to the loner, and then kill them.

Using that strategy, I obtained a pretty quick victory.


Thanks for viewing this project! Hope you have a good day!

TheLegendBeacon (34)

I very unfortunately forgot that I was cyan

GeumjuKim (19)

@TheLegendBeacon LOL
EDIT: it happened to me :P

TheMonstahunter (2)

lol yeah i was lime but it thought i was red so i voted lime out apparently it was my vote that made me lose [email protected]

Wilke000 (636)

lul lul lul @TheLegendBeacon!!!! RIP, Rest In Pieces


@TheLegendBeacon you couldve just voted yourself out to make that comment, lol jk.

awsomecoder54 (0)

@peternielsen112 ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

ryanjbwang (10)

@TheLegendBeacon well, I was crew and accidentally voted myself so...

YuAndy (75)

I feel like the strategy for an imposter is to host a meeting right after you kill someone so you can eject another person.

JasonLiu19 (71)

@YuAndy You can always be a hermit in admin, where you spam map and kill anyone who comes in (the bots somehow do not see the dead bodies)

Smart0ne (749)

@JasonLiu19 (the bots can't see dead bodies)

Soccer135246 (7)

@YuAndy BUT. what if someone ejects you?

YuAndy (75)

@Soccer135246 Well, there’s a relatively low risk of you getting ejected compared to someone else getting ejected I guess.

SilvermoonCat (458)

repl process died unexpectedly: 


JasonLiu19 (71)

@JasonLiu19 op strat is to just stay in admin and do the map, and when someone comes just kill

JasonLiu19 (71)


I was pretty sure it was yellow using map and process of elimination, but when I did the emergency meeting, everyone voted each other. So I decided to go to navigation and finish the remaining tasks.

JasonLiu19 (71)


process of elimination good

EekulD (15)

@JasonLiu19 Isn't that what the killer has to do anyway? Or is dat what you meant? :P

JasonLiu19 (71)

@EekulD I was a crewmate in the last two, one way to win is to check the map and observe how the AI interacts with you. On the imposter, I stay in admin to skip turns until someone comes.

AndrewMarkarian (21)

Do I get defeated when I die from the imposter?

ThePieselsPiese (3)

@AndrewMarkarian hmmm that's a good guestion do you die when you get killed

Muhammad_SJC (150)

Hey, @Smart0ne, do you still need help for the chatting function?
If so, I made a chatting app and I will post the link of my post here if you need it.

Smart0ne (749)

@Muhammad_SJC Thanks! I'm currently paused this project for now, so I will get to it later. I probably will need some help, so could you link your post? :)



Whippingdot (675)


lukel_lv (23)






Smart0ne (749)




RahulChoubey1 (184)

I got lost in the rooms… Add a map.

Smart0ne (749)

@RahulChoubey1 :) I was too lazy to do it, but search up "among us the skeld" in google or whatever, and you'll see some maps.

RohilPatel (1595)

Why the console? I'm going to make this entire thing with multiplayer functionality online!!! Yay! Thanks for the idea!

RayhanADev (2606)

@RohilPatel nonononono, thats very wrong! You have to use Python or else you no get famous. Me in the secret language gang tho xD.

RayhanADev (2606)

@RohilPatel yeah ik xD. I was kidding.

RohilPatel (1595)

Lol u better have been, but ur right, clickbait comes from python @RayhanADev

RayhanADev (2606)

@RohilPatel if you doubt me check out my profile

Only lang = Javascript coder xD. and yeah it’s because so many people write in python!

MPotter1926 (3)

@RohilPatel The only problem with doing it online is keeping a server open to host with. Even if people run the rooms on their own computers you need a central server to show people rooms. You could just have people connect to IPs directly, but before you know it, the whole system is very complicated. I've thought this over, and the best way to do it is to use algorithms witha little randomness to make them more human. I'm currently working on a version with full PyGame graphics and I considered doing online but it leads to complications. If you have the money buy a domain and host a server, but otherwise I wouldn't recommend online.


u were talking to yourself the whole time i feel bad now [email protected]


yo, who were u actually taking [email protected]

firefish (953)

secret language gang

@RayhanADev Do you mean things like polygott and OCaml which are only accessible via the languages/ url?
If so, consider me part of that gang

adl212 (172)


The only problem with doing it online is keeping a server open to host with. Even if people run the rooms on their own computers you need a central server to show people rooms. You could just have people connect to IPs directly, but before you know it, the whole system is very complicated. I've thought this over, and the best way to do it is to use algorithms witha little randomness to make them more human. I'm currently working on a version with full PyGame graphics and I considered doing online but it leads to complications. If you have the money buy a domain and host a server, but otherwise I wouldn't recommend online.

Easy fix! Just use websockets!

RayhanADev (2606)

@firefish how many do you have? For me I have these (you can’t get them by using + New repl)

RayhanADev (2606)

@firefish I got them all (Pokemon vibes)! Each one with a unique language name (NodeJS Static is creepy...)

broderickCode (1)

@RohilPatel yah grate try not the best though

firefish (953)

@RayhanADev lol i didn't now there were that many languages

RayhanADev (2606)

@firefish lmao, I think I got them all actually (not including the betas for each language)

firefish (953)

@RayhanADev Which languages have betas in the next question

RayhanADev (2606)

@firefish actually there’s a neat tutorial on how to find all the languages (my directory brute-forcing is over xD) Click here to see them.

firefish (953)

@RayhanADev h gosh look at my repl list

mathiasaboye (86)

@RohilPatel Yay!!! Now I can say "red sus" without spending five dollars! :)

lukel_lv (23)

uh, that pic is from when you had posted 661 repls, not 758. @RayhanADev

lukel_lv (23)

You could have easily unpinned that or changed your favorite coding lang. @RayhanADev

RayhanADev (2606)

@lukel_lv I’m confused what are you talking about?

GeumjuKim (19)

@RohilPatel yayayyayayayayyyyyyy
Im excited if you couldnt tell

SKYHIVE9005 (1)

Oh wow, this is amazing. 100x better than the previous version.

AstrumDeorum (162)

"Swipe your card an pray you pass"

I'm actually really good at the card swipe in Among Us

TristanBiederma (0)

When the impostor is sus

IGamer123 (80)

This keeps popping up like

RhysSmith1 (0)

i found out thanks

RhysSmith1 (0)

when do people fall to their destiny

Squrril (3)

Might want to do some more input checking. Great game!

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 291, in <module>
  File "", line 40, in main
  File "", line 113, in single_player
    crewmate_action = crewmate.display_actions(character_colour,rooms,rooms_tasks)
  File "/home/runner/xTSD0z5DZNl/", line 42, in display_actions
    if int(action) in actions:
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'w'
FrancisPan (43)


imput 3,-3 to stabilize steering
Me: #3,-3
Game: ## NOPE

johnnyfrancis (24)

UPDATE PLZ U GOT SO FAR. (I like this more than the real thing now)

Smart0ne (749)

@johnnyfrancis Thank you for your kind words. :D Unfortunately, I'm not going to continue making more Among Us versions, but if you want to make a better version, feel free to fork it and edit it as much as you like!

Soccer135246 (7)

when are you going to make beta @Smart0ne?

AmeliaFerris (0)

he he it was fun when after i voted the imposter killed everyone. so it is like real among just no pictures

ThePieselsPiese (3)

i'm glad i grew up with this

but damn this is better:

PikachuB2005 (12)

So killing in front of people is a bad idea

Wilke000 (636)

When will the next one come out?

Smart0ne (749)

@Wilke000 Sadly, I'm quitting the project of making Among Us. It's very time consuming, and I don't have enough motivation to get myself and do it. :(

Wilke000 (636)

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo @Smart0ne

ryanjbwang (10)

Nobody's dead and we caught the impostor, blue, who vented from admin(WHERE I WAS!) to E


NotFlawffles (3)

do try, except, to fix the type error

TrentonFox (0)

When the PYTHON is SUS!!!!!!