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[GAME] [PYGAME] Save The Money!
CompilingCoder (9)

Save the money!

The objective of this game is to avoid the falling items which will subtract your score. You have to move your player around with the left and right keys. If you can, please fork the repl for the best experience. This is because the screen size is fit for 600 by 600, which is way less if you are on the post. As you might have realized already, this is built on Pygame. Because of this, the fps might drop a bit if you are on a PC built by using 5 dollar pieces from ebay. The solution for this is just to download it.

Other info

The project is completely free to do the following:

  • Fork the project
  • Use it in your own projects. (As long as you change most of the code, you do not need to credit me)

You may not:

  • Re-post the repl without giving credits to me :)