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[GAME] One Piece RPG
CarlMarks9 (0)

This is an RPG game based on the hit manga series, One Piece. Choose your member of the Straw Hat crew and fight against the most fiercest enemies of the New World! Do you have what it takes to be a pirate?

Game Instructions

  • Once you've chosen your character, you will be randomly assigned an opponent to fight against.
  • Once it is your turn, you will have the four options to choose from:
    1. Regular Attack (A): A normal attack that does moderate damage and has no cooldown.
    2. Special Attack (S): An attack that does high amounts of damage and has a 4-Turn cooldown.
    3. Heal (H): Chopper will heal your wounds when you're hurt and has a 4-Turn cooldown. You can't go above 100% health.
    4. Block (B): You can block an enemy's attack and reduce their damage. There is no cooldown. On VERY rare occasions, you can deflect your opponent's attack back to them and they will take damage, giving you the opportunity to attack two times in a row.

Whoever has the no health left is the loser and the one left standing is the winner! Good luck and have fun! 👒

Note: The code for this is, I can admit, pretty messy and I put as many comments everywhere as I can to try and organize it.