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Smart0ne (748)

NOTE: If you are using a chunk of code from this program, please credit me. :)

More than 400 lines of code! More than 12 hours of working! More than 40 bugs (that referencing before assignment error was the worst)! 1 game! :D


This is Among Us TESTING, which is based on the game Among Us. You are in a ship, and there are other humans beside you. Some humans are imposters, and some are crewmates. The imposters goal is to kill all the crewmates, and the crewmates goal is to complete all the tasks.


TESTING - Started the game

Known Bugs

There is a bug where you can do tasks and the task number will go to the negatives.


Here are some common questions that one might ask.

How Does This Game Actually Works?

The humans in this game aren't really real humans. They are just bots.

I have been thinking for a while on how the tasks should be implemented, since in the real Among Us, they have graphics, but in this game, we only have the terminal, so I simplified the tasks by a lot.

The bots here are extremely dumb, so it's literally a game of chance on what the bots will do. (basically, the bots don't care on what you do)

What Do I Plan To Add? (detailed)

I'll be going in detail for the updates I plan to add.

More rooms

This is pretty self-explanatory. I'm going to be implementing more rooms. I think this may be complex, since I would have to have many programs running at the same time (1 for each human, perhaps?) So, I think right now, this update won't be happening soon.

More tasks

I'm thinking on how I should add more tasks. It would be very nice if you guys could give me some tasks that I could possibly use.

Chatting/Voting System with AI

For the voting system, I'm planning to had a chat with bots. You can chat with the bots, and the bots might respond to you. Based on what bots type, it will influence the choice of who the bots will vote for. For example, a possible conversation could be (sus means suspicious)

You (Cyan): I think red sus, since I think red vented
Red: How?
Green: Yea red sus
Blue: I'm thinking cyan sus
You (Cyan): why would you think that?
Blue voted
Red voted
Green voted
You (Cyan): bruh
You (Cyan) voted
Voting Results
Blue: 0
Green: 0
Red: 2
Cyan: 2

More abilities for the imposter

Since there are no rooms, imposters can't really vent. For now, the venting will probably just be a "you can travel anywhere" thing. Basically, the crewmates can only follow a path to go to different rooms, but the imposter can go anywhere from anywhere, similar to teleporting.

Sabotage will be implemented soon. For now, the only sabotage I know is sabotaging the lights, so I'm thinking when the lights are sabotaged, you cannot move do anything except wait for the instructions to somehow fix the lights. Please comment on what other types of sabotage I could implement!

Ability to observe for crewmate

Right now, for the emergency meeting, it's mostly based on luck, if you eject the real imposter. When you observe a human, you can't do any tasks, and you can't host an emergency meeting, but you can see every single thing they do, whether they pass, do a task, or even kill someone. This could lead to more strategy.


Thanks to @Coder100 , @fuzzyastrocat , and @heyitsmarcus for responding to my questions in ask. I really appreciate their efforts to look through the questions on ask and answer them.


You may be thinking right now, "Hey @Smart0ne. There are SO MANY cool and awesome things about this game, but how do they actually look like?" Alright, I prepared for that. I will show you some of the most intense moments in this game when I tested it.

The above picture was my winning the game as crewmate by completing all the tasks. It was intense since if the imposter killed anyone (1/2 chance), we would instantly lose. This started when we had 5 tasks left. :O

The above picture was my losing as imposter. I wanted to eject one of the crewmates, but then both of the crewmates voted for me, so I got ejected instead. :(


Thanks for viewing this project! Hope you have a good day!

mathiasaboye (86)

I think there is a glitch... 3 people voted blue and he wasn't ejected.

other than that really good game :)
EDIT: this only happens with blue apparently, here is a screenshot of ejecting red

my first win :D
Smart0ne (748)

@mathiasaboye Could you post the full screenshot? :)

mathiasaboye (86)

@Smart0ne that is the full one, then they didn't eject him after

mathiasaboye (86)

it just went back to the menu

Smart0ne (748)

@mathiasaboye Back to the menu .... like the homescreen?

mathiasaboye (86)

@Smart0ne like to kill, call emergency or wait

Safyre (3)

@mathiasaboye This happened to me as well. Blue was voted, but it didn't show that he was ejected.

Smart0ne (748)

@Safyre I can't seem to find what went wrong ... hopefully, in the ALPHA version, this will be solved.

sadlifeme (9)

wow you are awesome man

sadlifeme (9)

@Smart0ne I'm just sayin' the truth man you don't needa thank me

froggyboy (2)

do you have a task limit? i don't think so
ps cool game

Smart0ne (748)

@froggyboy Yeah, I'm going to fix that soon. Probably display a warning "You can't try to complete this task anymore."

AtharvGoel (3)

For rooms and movement, you can do something like I did here:
I made this game to simulate the first book of the Maze Runner series. Basically, you are just trying to escape the maze. For your purposes, you can do something similar, except with a ship instead of a maze. The program works by creating a string layout of the maze. Different letters signify whether that position is a path, wall, etc. Then it prints out a small area, highlighting the letters with colorama based on what letter it is. I used getch to detect keypresses, so enters don't have to be used in between.

AtharvGoel (3)

You could also use pygame, but it's pretty laggy on repl from my experience.

Smart0ne (748)

@AtharvGoel Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. :)

peternielsen112 (38)

@AtharvGoel I checked out Maze Runner its awesome good job man

NehalRam (17)

@AtharvGoel pygame is not even working on repl its not even giving a rectangle.
I think we need a hacker plan for better speeds but if you have a hacker plan pygame is an option

AtharvGoel (3)

@NehalRam Pygame works fine for me and I don't have the hacker plan.

MATHyou (34)

I don't think you should be able to do tasks when you're an imposter, rather you should be able to fake them. Anyway, cool game!

Smart0ne (748)

@MATHyou Oops ... a bug ... let me fix that. :D

AstrumDeorum (162)

When all tasks complete the game freezes


well new one is WAY TOO GOOD IF COMPARED TO THIS XD this sucks
this edition
you can't do anything in particular

KhShahid (13)

Hey it is my first won

Chocolate16 (40)

@mathiasaboye you are right i was blue and imposter so it's good.

Leroy01010 (408)


-1 more times?

but it's a good game!!

Smart0ne (748)

@Leroy01010 Yup, a bug. :P ALPHA version solves this.

brogen (18)

I actually got it now.

brogen (18)

How many times must you destroy astereoids, I did it like 18 times?

brogen (18)

I am encountering a problem after doing nothing it never clears the screen.

brogen (18)

Maybe add quit to action menu.

brogen (18)

How can you destroy asteriods? I typed in 1,2 12 1 2 and 1 2
nothing worked!

Chocolate16 (40)

Wow cool but i died too fast after task. Coool!!!!!!!!

TheMaster7661 (34)

it would be nice if when you die you could see the tasks still getting done, until everyone finishes a task, or until red kills everyone. and i figured out that only red is the imposter, nit any of the other characters, so it made it really easy to win when i wasnt the imposter.
im also thinking it would be great if each character had their own set of tasks to complete.

Smart0ne (748)

@NoahJospeh That would be pretty hard, but I'll do it later.

TheMaster7661 (34)

@Smart0ne I understand, but it's just some ideas on how to make the game better. If you want, I could help.

LingWu1 (94)

Wow this game might be better that the one @FloCal35 made but I aint insulting him :D.Also,I had the same glitch as @mathiasaboye with the voting.

FloCal35 (670)

@LingWu1 Oh no this is definitely better (@SmartOne permission to use code to make my combined among us between our two projects)

FloCal35 (670)

@LingWu1 I don't know if it will actually happen, I'm pretty busy these days

Smart0ne (748)

@Dboy556 Please tell me on how I could improve. :)

Dboy556 (0)

@Smart0ne Can you make it like The players can move around and imposters can kill??? If Thats to much im sry

Smart0ne (748)

@Dboy556 ALPHA version has those features! :D Check it out!

Smart0ne (748)

@Dboy556 lol go and you'll get the player-moving-to-rooms and imposter-killing and imposter-venting

JasonLiu19 (71)

can i post my first alpha win?

Smart0ne (748)

@JasonLiu19 Wait, you have ALPHA? :O

JasonLiu19 (71)

@Smart0ne you said it was the first thing pinned on your profile on the question about a bug in ask

Smart0ne (748)

@JasonLiu19 -_- true. Well, I'm going to test the ALPHA version like a billion times, to make sure it's fair for each side.

JasonLiu19 (71)

@Smart0ne i found a very overpowered strat for imposter

Smart0ne (748)

@JasonLiu19 nice! I'm trying to find a strategy for the crewmate, but it seems like the imposter always kills me :(

FuzziballGaming (0)

Why Did yellow vote for himself?

Smart0ne (748)

@FuzziballGaming Dunno. The bots here are super bad.

FuzziballGaming (0)

@Smart0ne Is This a bug? It did not tell me I won.

Smart0ne (748)

@FuzziballGaming That's the internet connection, not a bug. :P

Smart0ne (748)


Dude149 (0)

I.. killed everyone! I win! SmartOne.., you are the Smart One:P Thanks!