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[GAME] 2D racer game by Hackers Clan 🏎️ 🏎️
SudhanshuMishra (249)

heya everybody welcome to the very first post by @HackersClan

This is a 2D racing game between you and a bot

the controls are simple arrow keys - ← ↑ →

logic is simple : reach the finish line before the bot ...

u are the red one
bot is the blue one

game ends when one of u touches the finish line
sometimes when u are not sure about the winner u can check the console -

also for the best experience play it in a maximum sized result screen like this -

link to spotlight page -

If u have any other question or feedback , just mention it in the comments we are always open and show us some support

now lets ping all the team members ...










Our upcoming project -

So i agree that this project is not really "awesome" but you'r gonna love our upcoming project .. "BETRAYAL"

i wont tell much about it right now but all i can say is that its a total among us rip off and we are working so hard on it .. it will have both single player and multi player mode ..

If u want to be among the first replers to view this post just tell us in the comments so we will ping u whenever we will release it ...


Show us some support give some feed back and .. have a nice day

SudhanshuMishra (249)

wanna be one of the first repler's to view our upcoming projects .. just mention it here ...