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Fun Phaser.js Game
AR199 (76)

Hi guys! This is a really fun game I made with Phaser.js
Credits to Codecademy for helping me with this!

BananaJellyfish (207)

cool! but you should add some spikes/enemies in to make it more challenging

Phoenixspark (0)

That is sooo cool dude!

Bunnytoes (29)

@AR199 np, heres an upvote for you :)

nro2collaborate (1)

wait, for me, the arrow keys aren't working, how to i jump?

AR199 (76)

@nro2collaborate You just use your right and left keys:). Also, you have to click on the picture of the mountain first before the keys will work.

nro2collaborate (1)

@AR199 but i can only go to the 2nd block...

AR199 (76)

@nro2collaborate Try again. It's a little hard the first few times, but then you get the hang of it.

nro2collaborate (1)

@AR199 because whenever I hold the right arrow key, I end up on the second(lower than the third) block, and since I can't jump to the third block, I fall

AR199 (76)

@nro2collaborate You need to gain momentum from the start of the block and then jump at the end. You can't stop at the end of the block and jump.

nro2collaborate (1)

@AR199 ohh... didn't realize that space is jump :|

JacobMcPherson1 (196)

my speedrun time is 35 seconds and 81 milliseconds