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Fullmetal Alchemist - My last great game
LeviathanCoding (1393)

Battle your way through lots of enemies and alchemize to your heart's content. This game was based off of my favorite anime show.

Important - Please Read

I won't respond to comments you post. If you are desperate to get to me, go to my website, find my contact, and email me.

Just FYI, I won't be leaving repl. I'll just be too busy to make games anymore.

Also, if you want, message me through discord. LeviathanProgramming#2139.

I hope you enejoy.
Go play this in fullscreen:

If you can't go through doors, make sure you walk into the door and press the down arrow key.

LilKid7129 (28)

Everybody vote this MUST hit 1000 upvotes xd

IGamer123 (76)


updoots go brrrrrrrrr
Lets hit 1500 and make the pyelias and CyanCoding get rekked

bwoop (179)


Codeverse (159)

@wasuiscool 100th upvote now must have 1000 cuz I can't count.

vhnco (3)

@wasuiscool Awesome, almost at 200!

PixiGem (98)

@wasuiscool updoots go brrrrrrrrrrr!!

IGamer123 (76)

lol anime I guess. I don't watch that stuff @PyCoder01

LilKid7129 (28)

@wasuiscool oh wow this comment has 12 updoots and the 2nd top liked comment is 6 xD

Wilke000 (636)


LilKid7129 (28)

@Wilke000 yeah its 345 updoots rn

LilKid7129 (28)

@IGamer123 yes maybe 15,000 XD big dreams

Wilke000 (636)

No @LilKid7129 I updooted when it was around 100

LilKid7129 (28)

NO, IT'S 358 UpDOoTs @Wilke000

IGamer123 (76)

Wowza then he gonna break repl instead of Coder100 with cycles lol @LilKid7129

TheAcorn123 (12)


TSelden (15)

@TheAcorn123 only 1500000000000000? You must be pretty good. took me 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 tries.

PyCoder01 (53)

@LeviathanCoding why is there a reason to put christian on your portfolio.

CyberHacker101 (126)

i just couldnt after ya said that xDDDDD omg @InvisibleOne

Bookie0 (6248)

Down arrow to open doors doesn't work =/

SilvermoonCat (436)

@Bookie0 You have to walk forward while pressing down arrow (basically right + down at same time)

Bookie0 (6248)

@SilvermoonCat ahh okay thx, maybe it should be made a bit clearer in the descrip :)

ThanhTails (25)

@Bookie0 Thanks! I have that again. :))


@Bookie0 You can also use w to jump d to mve forward a to move backward and s to open the doors basicaly use wasd

7ih (34)

i just found a glitch in the 2nd level, u can basically skip the entire level. you jump on the 3rd sets of spikes over the right wall, and then fall to the portal below the wall

7ih (34)

@7ih also on the first boossfight, i literally just stood against the left wall and the wolf boss teleported outside the map

7ih (34)

also why did you put all your code on a cdn when you could of just had the code in the repl?? speaking of which, why do you have a script and css file in your repl if all the code is in the html file?

Ultimate1234 (1)

@7ih Pretty sure that Leviathan puts it on a cdn to export it to different sites - it's also on Khan Academy.

TristanHacker1 (2)

the level when you have to stand on bombs to jump higher. i cant get up

Aayan11 (6)

@TristanHacker1 if you jump then it would do anything you have to stand on it without jumping

JakeHu2020 (19)

In the level with a bunch of wolves, your basically taunting us to cheat.

FloCal35 (667)

Thus ends the short reign of @LeviathanCoding

AyushGudipati (10)

@FloCal35 yea he has some pretty cool repls. too bad he has to stop. @LeviathanCoding Dude I am creating cytotron x as a continuation to orbitron x.

Orca20 (72)

What do we do in the level that says fall down? I left it falling but it keeps restarting...

RoyalDiadem (9)

@Orca20 when falling move to the center where the ground was previosly at

Orca20 (72)

@RoyalDiadem Oh ok... now I gotta start all over lol

WilliamRoss6 (11)

Man, I wish this worked on mobile :/. Seems like a great game tho.

souoYuri (1)

Beautiful creation!!! Great game, congratulations.

DerekWu4 (2)

help the homunculus fell through the ground

mojodojo (1)

make it so that u can attack while moving bc you can just get comboed by the dogs bc you cant hold still when they attack you

pfflyer (1)

plot was difficult
to understand but it was a fun game

KhShahid (11)

i have triad aot but i cannot pass this level

PixiGem (98)

@KhShahid generate the bomb and stand on it to fly up high

KhShahid (11)

i have tried a lot but i cant do it @PixiGem

Whippingdot (652)

This game is pretty similar to that wizard game you made. Other than that, there are no clear instructions in the post. I know the game has instructions, but please give instructions in the post too next time. Also the first time I played I got glitched like crazy and skipped all the tutorials, don't know how that happened.

Another glitch that you can make yourself is by walking in one direction and then switching the direction. You will continue to walk in the first direction key you pressed, which can cause many problems like you falling off a cliff. The game also has more glitches, like with this above glitch, once I fell on a spike because of that and the spike glitched me out of the world. Try testing the game out yourself before releasing it next time, so there aren't too many glitches.

Other than that good game, but try not to remake the same game you made before. Try to get new ideas.

Edit: I found out how to re-create what happened at the start. I must have been spamming the up button which caused me to glitch through the floors. You see, if you press the up button at the right moment, right before touching a spike, you get glitched and go underneath the floor. This is very useful in a lot of levels as you can just skip a whole floor and go down to the next one 😏😉

JeffreyChen13 (44)

How do you defeat that wolf creature after you get through the Temple Of The Sun God? I exploded the bombs, but the creature didn't seem to die. Sometimes the creature just went out, but nothing happened. I don't get it, how do you pass it?

dustdude (8)

@JeffreyChen13 do you even read the words on the screen after you beat the previous level? it tells u to use and space to attack

JeffreyChen13 (44)

@dustdude Oh, I only read the story part

ManekamjotSingh (0)


HenryZelonka1 (91)

Great game, but Ed is too tall.

bennyrobert (47)

Goodbye Leviathan. I always enjoyed your games.

zplusfour (914)

what's your favorite anime show?

zplusfour (914)

@Wilke000 cool
I like boku no hero academia :))))

NabeehaMaknojia (1)

@zplusfour The promise neverland , or Astra lost in space

JeffreyChen13 (44)

@zplusfour and also Attack On Titan, even though I watched it to the first episode

zplusfour (914)

@JeffreyChen13 lol yeah i also watched the first ep of attack on titan but I didn't like it so much :/

KraftaN (0)

The controls are horrible.

DynamicSquid (4891)

@KraftaN Please be nice on Replit :)

JWZ6 (644)

@DynamicSquid how is he not being nice?

dustdude (8)

@DynamicSquid is "the controls are awesome" not nice??

DynamicSquid (4891)

@dustdude, @JWZ6 I edited the comment to something nicer :)

KraftaN (0)

@DynamicSquid I have never seen someone edit a comment because they didn't think the comment was "nice". Is it not good for the creator to know how the controls are so they can fix them?

DynamicSquid (4891)

Hey @KraftaN, I got multiple reports on your comment saying it was very negative, so for that reason I edited it. Criticism is fine, just make sure to give actual feedback and keep a positive tone :)