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Froggy Chatroom beta is now available!
UnluckyFroggy (879)

You are gonna love this! Me and my team have finished the beta version of our live chatroom, you can Copy your messages, Delete your messages and reply to other messages. Beta version is NOW AVAILABLE! (Even uses Repl authentication to login to the chatroom)

Updated post available at:

UnluckyFroggy (879)

Make sure to upvote if you enjoy the chatroom!

Whippingdot (552)

lul @Crosis you hate unluckyfroggy like me

Whippingdot (552)

Thanks. Sorry about earlier @CodingCactus. Don't be angry at me

programmeruser (575)

@CodingCactus fun fact: 19wintersp probably did 99% of the work

FlaminHotValdez (434)

@programmeruser Yeah one of his comments actually said 19wintersp hurry up and finish already so basically 19wintersp did all of the work and froggy gets all the credit. -_- Also froggy FINALLY got banned who else is happy

FlaminHotValdez (434)

@LegendaryAlpha Dude check his comments, he's a major cycle squeezer and spammer...

LegendaryWolf (630)

WHo the H is upvoting his comments!

Ima hacker, I used inspect to make my comment content editable

(ok, that's not called hacking)

GalaxyWolfX (75)

@CodingCactus OHHH. You did ban him. God. I hate it when cheaters are overlooked and continue to get credit. Thank you!

figglediggle (137)

@UnluckyFroggy stop begging for updoots and grow a pair

firefish (992)

Who are you, why do you have so many cycles, why do you beg for upvotes, and why did you invite me to this project?

@CodingCactus le ban

CodingCactus (4136)

@firefish for goodness sake there's a report button

firefish (992)

@CodingCactus i did hit that as well :/

CodingCactus (4136)

@firefish then why make a public comment?

Vandesm14 (2640)

Hey, I've unlisted this for now because there isn't much code in your repl. If you add more to the code, reply to this comment and I’d be happy to relist it! If you're a beginner and this is all you can do, that's OK. I suggest waiting a bit before posting because Repl Talk is really for larger projects. You're free still to post your projects, just keep in mind they might be flagged down if they don't meet the guidelines.

UnluckyFroggy (879)

@Vandesm14 umm, click the link. I just don't want to share the direct code so I added a site with a link to the website.

Vandesm14 (2640)

@UnluckyFroggy Oh alright, that's fine! I've relisted this