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Frionx's Forum (FORUM SITE on REPL with SQL Database!!) NOW WITH REPLIES!
frionx (51)

Information is now hashed but I still suggest not using any real data (such as passwords or usernames) that can damage you in any real way

Github repo:

Please star the github repo

Hey guys! I've been working on this forum site alongside coder100 and we finally managed to get the forums finished!

Current Announcements

We did it! Final Features! We now got replies!

this is not fully finished, but the main thread/forum part is.

The whole category stuff is not finished yet but the actual thread creation, thread list and thread viewing is there.

How to use

In the repl, the database is not already created, at the time of making this post, line 202 contains the "/*" that comments out the local database creation code, if you would like to create a new database, clear everything in the 2 database files in the folder database and then uncomment the line, after the databases are created, comment out the lines back by typing "/" on line 202.

If you are still confused on how to use it, just reply below.


Editing Threads
Creating a Thread
Viewing A thread
Last Edit Timestamp
Creation Timestamp
Hashed Information
Thread list

Upcoming Features

Edit Replies
Moderation Page
Pagination (Public Threads, Replies, Etc)
SQL Subforums?
(If you look at how the database is set up you can probably see how these would work)


me - partial js, partial html and partial css, sql stuff
Coder100 - Most of the CSS, partial html, partial js


Would just like to mention that if the repl is ever down, Please comment down below, I am not online 24/7 and I probably won't be working on this 24/7 but I would appreciate people letting me know.

Sometimes features aren't ready! Only try out the ones that are shown in this post.

frionx (51)

lol someone tried sql injection, but it didnt work since I use params.

frionx (51)

@BobTheTomatoPie thanks more stuff is coming

Glitterpoop (17)

shit i didnt read the stuff you wrote at the start and i used real username lmao. fortunately i didnt use my correct passowrd

frionx (51)

@Glitterpoop Thats okay! Soon we will encrypt/hash information for more safety.

frionx (51)

@Glitterpoop I am currently working on thread editing/replies, but Subforums will be added later (I noticed your thread on the site)

Glitterpoop (17)

@frionx you noticed it? i am surprised

frionx (51)

@Glitterpoop Yeah I noticed it, and I said we because there are 2 people working on this (me & coder100)

SeamusDonahue (439)

Its pretty cool. I hope to find more updates in the future. I donno if this just wasn't added yet but it seems I cant click on any of the sub-forums. anyways cool website, have a nice day!

frionx (51)

@SeamusDonahue yeah it wasn't added yet, I will add it later, I should probably call them categories instead.

SeamusDonahue (439)

ahh ok makes sense! hope to see this forum grow! @frionx

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

great but you should add markdown support

SeamusDonahue (439)

you could also add html support if you wanted. just make sure there is a way to display it like discords ` md @frionx

frionx (51)

@SeamusDonahue We will add markdown support

SeamusDonahue (439)

understood. sounds great @frionx

Bebex (1)

This was really cool! I never seen stuff like this in repl

pyprat (0)

This project is amazin, congratulations

frionx (51)

@pyprat We're still working on it! Not done!

Dunce (45)

awesome! it would be nice if there was a back button, like when your done looking at a thread you could click the back button and it would send you back to were you where on the threads page.

CodingRedpanda (179)

i am using a school chromebook peice of garbage and so the firewall blocks anything with ".xyz", so i cant get to see ur website 😢😢

CodingRedpanda (179)

@frionx oh, yah that definitely worked, thx! oh and rly rly nice site!

peternielsen112 (39)

@frionx I would be willing to help with css/html. It's one of my strong suits. Just ask

peternielsen112 (39)

There seem to be some problems. First off I posted an entire schpeal relating to the whole security issues thing but it won't post long posts for some reason? ANd the database keeps giving things that seem to be mixed up. I don't know why... but it would be helpful.
Thanks Repl. Upvoting still.

frionx (51)

@peternielsen112 is that on your local forum? I believe what happened with the posts you sent, is you clicked twice b4 posting.

peternielsen112 (39)

@frionx no I saw a reply I sent to you on your post that said it was from you on my post. Also don't know if you saw my other comment but willing to help with css/html. Maybe security as well if that's what you want.

frionx (51)

@peternielsen112 I am not sure I understood your issue, I replied to your thread and was able to see it, what was it again?

peternielsen112 (39)

@frionx It's done now... maybe just a fluke. I dunno. Do you need any help with anything?

frionx (51)

@peternielsen112 Coder100 has been helping me with most css/html so I am not sure at the moment, maybe later!