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Free Customizable Discord Bot!
UnluckyFroggy (823)

Hey guys! Have you ever wanted to make a Discord bot but it was too hard or you looked all over the internet and they just errored out or didn't work? I have set up an ENTIRE FREE Discord bot just right for you! All you have to do is add your token to config.json and change the prefix if you want in src/utils/db.js! It is fully customizable in Discord and has loads of moderation and fun commands!

UnluckyFroggy (823)

Make sure you add your token or it will error!

DynamicSquid (4919)

Sorry, this is really late, but you should probably mention the GitHub repo in your description. Thanks!

AntimatterDev (40)

This is literally the source code for calypso bot. its in src/client.js. the real person who should be getting praise is

FireDevRBLX (0)

@AntimatterDev Not entirely. He has modified like 25% of it to make it better suited for a bot that is gonna have more than 1 server.

AntimatterDev (40)

@FireDevRBLX yeah but you still dont copy peoples work without mentioning them at all. he took full credit for this