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17dsmyth (9)

share you fortnite trickshots and wins be cool and chat

lexingtonzastre (0)

360 no scope 500 mtrs i hit it

WilsonChen8 (0)

360 jump shoots with 5 snipers shoots 5 people

IbrahimIqbal1 (0)

*does 360 jump* *Shoots a man 500 meters away* bet y'all can't beat that huh.

boombaa1234 (0)

*jumps off huge mountain does 1080 and hits someone across the map and survives on 1 hp* beat that omegalul

TylerNelson1 (0)

>b me
>am gud at furt na
>make a wal
>man jump ovr wal
>pul out da shutgun
>shut hi face rite of
>man behin me
>he jump from montan spin circles
>he di
victre real.aswe

dat is me