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Fortnite: Save The World
AaryanPatel1 (37)

This is a ultra cartoonish shooter with cross play, you can join up with your friends if you have any and tackle the hordes of zombies and build massive forts to stay safe, Save The World on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Mobile

Start Playing Here

IOS coming soon.

Android is better

mkhoi (318)

Why are you advertising this?

freddyamarsden (28)

Android is the best. Can we all agree on something.

fishers14 (9)

try make it on C++

newbie0 (2)

Welp. We all knoe ya not epic games

HappyFakeboulde (237)

This is not something made in

AaryanPatel1 (37)

@happyfakeboulde: it's a joke, its a link to epic games the creator of the game

SchoolAzure (0)

radical heights is better

duckcode (0)

Minecraft IS better

Mudathir06 (0)

@duckcode: I've told this to a lot of people... UR ON CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!

GeorgeAgyei_Sam (0)

Minecraft is way better

Dalimecoder (0)

Bruh wuts this an advertisement

Omagawd (0)

im a fortnite god @agent_york907 (psn)