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Foreign Currency Trading Forex Breaking News
tillynortho (0)

Can you pounce on a breaking news event? Not everybody can, but if your book has breaking news potential then you'd better be ready to take advantage of it by having a press release ready to go.

Ciarani (0)

Ohhh man, sure thing if a certain event is labeled with "breaking news", or at least has the potential of such a status, then you should get ready, as sh*t is going to happen soon! I still remember my first steps into trading, and I never actually thought that news could affect the market so bad. After I got my first forex account, I was like, let's get it one! I did not even watch the news, and then a friend of mine tells me that I should try and put all of my money on a loss from a certain company, and I did not believe him. Well, that is why you should watch news, people!