Among Us Drawing - New version coming out soon!
RyanChoe1 (185)

Hi guys! This is a program that draws a among us figure. I added all of the colors in Among Us. Also, should I make more drawings like an imposter or a hat?
I am making a second version with an imposter, pets, and hats.
It will probably come out next month.

Thanks to everyone who up-voted this project. It means alot!
Eyy, my is trending!!

*this is an edited version of someone’s idea

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RyanChoe1 (185)

For the colors, should I include all 141 colors in python or only Among Us colors?

firefish (914)

@RyanChoe1 141? surely there are 16777216 colours

RyanChoe1 (185)

@firefish uh, I thinks there is only 141

firefish (914)

@RyanChoe1 in hex colour range? that's 16 million

RyanChoe1 (185)

@firefish the turtle program only knows 141
I don’t know, i may be wrong