Rise Kronos Rise
VulcanWM (3099)

This is my second risk game, even though it doesn't look like one. I first got to idea from @Name12 's Fight the gods. I then added some risk to it and added some colours

If you don't want to see the demo, read the paragraph below.

  • Kronos talks to you in your sleep and tells you that if you defeat all the Olympians, he will make you the second most powerful person in the world (him being the first person).
  • You agree to what he says and set on a quest to defeat all the Olympians.


If you find an error, please tell me. If you want me to collab with me, want me to make a game for you, or have any ideas for the next risk game, text me on discord: VulcanWM#5256
It's best to play in full screen

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KingCook (1)

For some reason it reminds me of pokemon