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FoRtUnE_TeLLeR 🔮 ✨
Bookie0 (6310)

Heerrrrrloooo people!!! :) :D

Come, come, yes all of you, come here if you seek the fortune of ye close ones...

You shall know what’ll happen in seconds, days, years, or even centuries...


Relatively easy, just do what it tells you to do

Comments, tips, suggestions, all are welcome!

And as a closing, remember that upvoting is caring! 😊 😃 🙏

Have a superb day!

DynamicSquid (4933)

What!? Squid's can't dr

Bookie0 (6310)

Lol... maybe you have to not take it literally.... @DynamicSquid

26pwong (4)

@Bookie0 I think he drowned cuz he didn't finish typing "drown" XD

Cookiezz (65)

@26pwong ye, I agree (lol we same person) THIS QUARANTINE HAS ME MAKING NEW ACCOUNTS TO TALK TO MYSELF... Anyway this is gonna be my main account from now on, so all my trash repls are gonna be in the trashy account cyall around! :)

firefish (949)

@DynamicSquid lol (wait.. you've drowned so you won't reply)

Cookiezz (65)

@johnstev111 He drowned right before he finished his message. lol (or maybe it was just a typo)

firefish (949)

@Cookiezz He did... but taking a screenshot and pasting it and writing What!? Squid's can't dr is pretty legendary for two seconds

CodingCactus (4367)

@Cookiezz don't upvote your accounts with the other account please

Bookie0 (6310)

Wait how do you know that’s their second account? @CodingCactus

Bookie0 (6310)

Oh wait I scrolled up a bit nvm @CodingCactus

Cookiezz (65)

@CodingCactus Oh, sorry, I was not aware that I did that. I have devoted unvoted.. wait how do you say that... anyway I un-upvoted it. 🙂

JBloves27 (1890)

Your parents shall stab a flower in 8 days.


firefish (949)

@Bookie0 If you want to be (slightly) better here are some tips:

So, Bookie0, þou has comest to me to knowest þy future of þe close ones.
Well þou shalt know, but be warned...
To know certain things can be bad...

I'm not saying you have to add it, but it tells you more middle english fortune teller, which is what this is.

Bookie0 (6310)

Hey, thanks for the suggestion! I’m not gonna add it because I personally feel like it’s just a bit hard to read the þou caractères and the other ones like that, I hope you understand. But thank you still for the tip! :D @johnstev111

firefish (949)

@Bookie0 þank þou! (thank you - but not really in old english style)

Muffinlavania (1526)

Yay my nonexistent pet that can live forever will dig a hole in 5 centuries, put that on my calendar!

Muffinlavania (1526)

@medcho XDDDDDD your neighbor might have super strength

VulcanWM (2778)

It never said that it had to be a big stick @Muffinlavania

firefish (949)

@medcho He maybe had the longest stick on earth, wait on the sun

ChezTacoz (341)

Only one problem...I don't drink coffee

Bookie0 (6310)

Lol me neither @ChezTacoz but I think what we should focus on is that she’ll pass away on the toilet... 🚽

ChezCoder (1605)

Your pet shall dig a hole in 5 seconds.
my fish will what???

Bookie0 (6310)

Some meanings aren’t meant to be taken literally.... if you see what I mean! ;) @ChezCoder

ChezCoder (1605)

@Bookie0 XD yeh ik it was a joke :D

oignons (68)

@studentAlfredAl Well, if you lived long enough to comment, you are either a fast typer or it didn't happen... :)


XD cool!

ReyesP (24)

Mine says that my parents shall stab a flower in 7 centuries.

Henslo (25)

My friends will stab a flower in 3 months?

KimiTian08 (11)

You shall throw a stick to the sun in 3 centuries.

Press ENTER to find out the future

I don't think I'll live that long, but if that's true.....


VivaanSa (30)

I don't think I will be that old...

KimiTian08 (11)

@Bookie0 @VivaanSa Hey i got same thing except with 3 centuries... i guess you'll live longer.

Zavexeon (1164)

I actually have a stepmother though.

awesome10 (232)

first, i dont have a pet (yet, im getting a cat) second, i didn't know pets could live for 3 centuries or buy lottery tickets!

techgeek680 (73)

ahhhhhhhhh better warn my family...

Yeah, and maybe I should compose an email to her, too...

oooooooooh its 9 pm
...but good for me!

techgeek680 (73)


zukey26 (0)

don't think they would live that long

mystic999 (1)

lol, took this while my coding teacher was teaching. the didn't find a cent

KobeFF (1269)

Though I don't think she'll be ALIVE in 9 centuries...