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PowerCoder (740)

Hi 😁!

For those who want to get the documentation and online shell, click here

Or, you can click me to visit the team Repl.

It has not been an easy ride, but we made a new programming language with an easy syntax called FloLang! I’m going to give an overview of our language.

FloLang was made with simplicity in mind. We didn’t want it to be overly complicated like other languages.

FloLang also has support for things you’d expect from a language loop, functions, console, and importing. The usual necessities. We also wanted to explore some interesting or just fun concepts. Along with that, we also have some unique FloLang coding environments.


By now, you might be asking, “well, you’re telling me it’s simple. But how is it simple?” To write a “hello world program,” write: “print(‘Hello World!’).” Our syntax is a little bit like a mix of Javascript and Python. No need to import the “print” function! Our environment is also very easy to set up. To import our environment, all you need to do is download our bundled Node.js file or use our other coding environments.

We Have the Necessities

And, every language needs the necessities of a programming language. So obviously we added those features. We support arrays, JSON/dictionaries, functions, loops, console interaction, and in-built functions. If you want to check out how to use these features, visit the documentation, click here.

Fun Concepts

Fun concepts. What do I mean by “fun concepts?” Well, we wanted to have some fun with our language. For example, we have what I call “whitespace manipulators” or “space-mani.” Space manipulators, as the name suggests, manipulates whitespace. With space manipulators, you can control the number of times an ASCII code is repeated. To demonstrate this in our language, “\n(100)” inside of a string literal, will add a new line 100 times to that specific location.

Our FloLang coding environments

Why aren’t there that many crazy coding environments? I have had way too much fun making these coding environments. We have an online environment and a Discord bot coding environment for our language. You can invite our Discord bot by clicking here. And you can check out our online coding environment by clicking here.

Our Future

We plan to further expand FloLang in numerous ways,

  • Rewriting the parser
  • Patching bugs
  • Creating new data types
  • Supporting lambda expressions
  • Standard library

Anyways, I hope you have some fun playing around with our language. We honestly had fun making this language. We even had fun implementing the language necessities. Our enjoyment can also be demonstrated by our fun concepts. And I loved implementing all of our coding environments. We even had to rewrite the entire language in the middle. We rewrote the language with a parser combinator known as PegJS to improve our parser reliability and error logging.

Others on this team include @MatthewProSkils and @pavi2410

matthewproskils (472)


set history = [0, 1, 1]
set times = 10

//Subtract 3 (because we start with 3 Items)(history)
times = times - 3

set pushthis = null
//Loop and push
loop 2 < a < times ^ 1{
pushthis = history[a] + history[-1+a]
push(history, pushthis)
pavi2410 (36)
fun greet(name) {
 print("hello ")


hello replit 👋

TheDrone7 (1900)

Hello there! You were required to post a team repl as the submission. But I see no team repl. Might I enquire why you decided to share a personal repl instead?

PowerCoder (740)

@TheDrone7 Oh, sorry. We didn't realize that we needed a team REPL. I didn't even know we could create a team REPL. The last time I checked, it said "coming soon." I created a team REPL which you can visit here, click me

Also, why is this on the question board now?

TheDrone7 (1900)

@PowerCoder Teams were out before the jam started. Also, this has always been on the Jam board lol.

PowerCoder (740)

@TheDrone7 It said I could mark a comment as an answer though 👀

TheDrone7 (1900)

@PowerCoder was a temporary mistake that was fixed long ago though.

matthewproskils (472)

Arrays And Objects

set x = {"replis": "thebest"}
x = ["One", "Two", "Three"]