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Muffinlavania (1527)

Any people out there that know Dank Memer chat?

This is a project i made that acts like a bot! Tell him commands, but all commands must start with 'need'! Say 'need help' to get to know some of the commands! So far there is:

Help: say need help for help on the commands

4 games: Say need game to play these! These games are not only fun but will give you some money

Gambling: Everyone's favorite time of day. Saying need gamble,you can do some slots, flip a coin, or roll a dice`

Convert: need convert can convert your inches to centimeters! The bot is kinda useful i guess...

Todo: Save your todo-list with need todo! When you say need todo, after creating your tasks you can view your todo-list by saying need tasks! I might add something like reminders later on i think

Saving: Everytime you say need save IT will save your current money into your own file! Also it will automatically load your safe file, so you can get lots of money i guess.This DOES NOT work if you open this project in a new tab, your username will always be five-nine

Python: saying need python will result in the bot giving you one line of input to code. Great.

There are also many other commands like 'need water' that are just fun to play with, and don't forget to give this bot some memes

Things to come

A chat system: saying 'need chat' will let you chat with the bot for a minute

Also please report any bugs!, and if you want to see any commands tell me!

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Muffinlavania (1527)

@FloCal35 thanks, say 'need creeper' or 'need c'
There are like a lot of commands, and why not say 'need thamoney' for free money
Also say need putin