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FloCal35 Profile (400 cycle update)
FloCal35 (668)

Since my last profile post, I've made some updates to my profile website. As always, thanks for the 400 cycles, and I can't wait for what projects I do next

Gh0stHack3r (63)

WOW That Is cool AWESOME!!

Gh0stHack3r (63)

@FloCal35 I have a question how do you write u r username on your profile?

FloCal35 (668)

wdym @Gh0stHack3r
like how it's rather than

Gh0stHack3r (63)

@FloCal35 Uhhh... No I don't think so... Your profile has this space pic and also, It has your name on It...

FloCal35 (668)

oh that @Gh0stHack3r. I use a photo editing website called pixlr

IntellectualGuy (823)

Please change the font family, the default fonts are bad.

TheBest156 (43)

You are amazing! I wish I had as much as you. I only got 1 :(