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🍞🥐🥖 Bread simulator 🥯🥨

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Have you ever wanted to simulate bread?

guess what: now you can!

consume bread to stay happy

make sure to eat lots of bread to stay happy, or else the evil bagel will get you!

buy more bread to consume

different breads will give you different happiness levels

watch out for inflation

the prices will go UP UP UP, so you must CONSUME MORE

make sure to do your job

you have a very important Trivia Tester job, make sure to do it so you can buy more bread

use ovens to increase the bread's taste

then, eat the bread!


hope you enjoy!


: 86

: 48

: 22


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Lol well guess what:
my real high score is 721
i just spam bought baguettes
and every turn the inflation would increase
but i put my high as 22 because when I spammed enter, i got 22.