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Flappy bird remake
lukel_lv (23)

this is a Flappy bird remake using Love2D. the controls are ←for going to the left, →to go right, and ↑ to go up. don't forget to upvote.

Zavexeon (1187)

Okay, this is VERY glitchy for me. Cool idea, I like the retro, almost Atari like graphics... but the game is unplayable.

duck132912 (210)

@Zavexeon yeah it no working for me it is too glitchy maybe try this flappybird

lukel_lv (23)

to completely fix it, click on the game screen. it works 100% of the time.

lukel_lv (23)

just wait for a minute and play around with the controls and it will probably start working.