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memes I made

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I was about to go browse some memes when I thought:

why can't I just make 'em myself?

So I made 10 20 27 coding memes with imgflip.

I put them here because
a. I get to code
b. They are about coding
c. I dont have reddit

hope you like em

also, use this

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oh. In that case:

import sys def say(words): sys.stdout.write(words) sys.stdout.flush() letters = ['h','e','l','o','w','o','r','l','d'] r = True e = True for i in letters: say(i) if i == 'h': say('H') if i == 'l' and r: say('l') r = False if i == 'o' and e: say(',') say(' ') e = False if i == 'd': say('!')

Haha beat that!