An Actual Real GOOD Calculator

This is a calculator (:happy_noises:). But it is no ordinary calculator. It is not "I am a noob so I built a calculator to impress everyone, who cares if I used eval() to cheat". I did not use eval() at all (:gasps:). It also isn't a million lines of code so hooray for that. Basically, I have made a good calculator that doesn't cheat with eval() using HTML, CSS & JS that even remotely resembles a real calculator in appearance (I actually did a tiny bit of CSS for once!). This was actually part of another project I was invited to by @CaptinNeo but I thought it was good so I am posting it here anyway. Feel free to upvote if you think it is good. @RhinoRunner I read your description hehe.

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@FlaminHotValdez haha :D. It doesn't have to be PEMDAS tho. Here is a full list of valid options:
1. B or P
2. E or I or O
3. MD or DM
4. AS or SA