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AmeliaBlackwell (1087)

just a simple fishing game with levelling up and unlocking fish. all is explained when you start to play! hope you enjoy

ebest (672)

And how da hec did you get two hundred something votes?

ebest (672)




KiKUP (47)

Man, the original post almost had as much as your new fishing game post...……. almost

AmeliaBlackwell (1087)

@KiKUP Hahaha, the game was much less developed here. I wonder if anyone else has found this post

Babbel (65)

Imo this is the best game on!

Nice :D

AmeliaBlackwell (1087)

@Babbel wow thank you so much! i wasn't gonna put that plaice in as legendary, but my 5 year old brother told me too hahahaha, congrats for catching it ;)

lzeimet (0)

made it to level 400

timmy_i_chen (1188)

Awesomeeee! So many shrimp! One day I'll catch that blue whale... one day.

timmy_i_chen (1188)

Follow up - idea - what if we could use things we already caught as bait? E.g. use all of our shrimp as bait. :)

AmeliaBlackwell (1087)

@timmy_i_chen the game allows you to sell the shrimp for 5g each, so each shrimp is worth 5 bait. but it's a cool idea that the shrimp could be a better bait, more likely to work or something! thanks for the ideas, and i'm glad you enjoyed it! good luck catching that blue whale

amasad (3541)

Nice, I like how you can sign up and save your progress. Good work, Amelia 🙌

Jdse1234 (4)

So good! Can you make an extension of it?

AmeliaBlackwell (1087)

@Jdse1234 aw thanks, i'm glad you like it! at the moment i'm trying to add some sort of skilled aspect to it. i will definitely make lots of similar games in the future. did you just want more fish to unlock and stuff? i can do that for you. if you give me ideas i will try and do them!