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First Post Ever!
SpiritCodes (2)

Hey Everyone! This is My First post I ever made on haha!

I just wanted to share that I made my first python script, and I wanted to share it! I hope to learn more python in the future but enjoy!

Also, I'm making my own website, be sure to look at it soon when I'm Finished! < My Upcoming Website

DynamicSquid (4893)

Welcome! Glad you're contributing to the community :)

tankerguy1917 (182)

Pretty nice. Way better than my first post. Hope to see the website up and running soon :)

SpiritCodes (2)

@tankerguy1917 thank you, the website is coming along and being worked on soon!

Writerfrighter (25)

Cool I see a good coder here : D I hope U find what your looking for. Good luck