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Find the Square Root! #weekly1
InvisibleOne (3197)

My submission for the weekly challenge (yes I did put it in apps as well)

If you have any suggestions or see any rules I broke or something let me know so I can fix it... I sort of read the rules so I think this is allowed.


JeffreyChen13 (58)

I'm noticing that every square number that has a root of an odd number doesn't work; like 9 (root = 3), 25 (root = 5), 49 (root = 7), etc...

DynamicSquid (5022)

@Bookie0 you should have done this xD

Bookie0 (6360)

@DynamicSquid Haha lol, I wouldn't know much about the JS tho lol

InvisibleOne (3197)

They're isn't much Js though. It looks more complicated then it is because it's really messy, pretty much for loops to make "multiplication" and then it brute forces the possibilities to find the answer. @Bookie0

Bookie0 (6360)

@InvisibleOne yeah lol I looked at the code and tbh I do kinda comprehend it. I guess I didn't give it to much thought and gave up thinking lmao!

InvisibleOne (3197)

I'm sorry, I didn't get to test it as much as I wanted to, it's fixed now. @DynamicSquid