I bundled software with Windows 98 so you don't have to

Ever wanted to browse the web on Windows 98? Now you can!

I built a website so you can install a Windows 98 software bundle!

But Why?

You can't browse the web on Windows 98, meaning that you can't install a web browser without writing to an external CD/USB. Now that it's included on a setup disc, you can install Windows 98 and install extra stuff from the same CD.

Otherwise, to do it like I did, you would have to buy MagicISO. MagicISO costs around $30.00, so I don't think that many people would buy it just to make a custom setup CD.

I also really like old computers. I have a computer running Windows 95, and another one running Windows XP. I have a lot of old computer software that I found.

I prebundled software so that you can browse the internet in a VM (tested in virtualbox only, havn't tested vmware).

It includes:

  • Firefox 0.20
  • SimCity 2000
  • DOOM
  • Tetrix (remake of Tetris)

I have my contact info on the site if you want to suggest anything! I'm open to ideas!


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Finally, a worthy unblocker