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Final rubik's cube scrambler
Bunnytoes (142)

@RhinoRunner @Cuber1515 the final scrambler that can now select 2x2 or 3x3 scrambles, 3x3 includes other 3x3 moves that 2x2 doesn't have.

Please consider upvoting if you like it :D

cuber1515 (56)

Next up 4x4 (or 1x1)

Bunnytoes (142)

@cuber1515 I have to learn 4x4 rotation first

Bunnytoes (142)

@cuber1515 instead I will learn 1x1 rotation will be super hard totally :D

cuber1515 (56)

Too hard I mean that should be @Bunnytoes

Bunnytoes (142)

@cuber1515 :p I could do skewb also what methods do you use, I use beginners(rip) for 3x3 ortega for 2x2 and intermidiate for skewb

cuber1515 (56)

I use CFOP for 3x3 and beginners for 2x2. Actually I've been working on a website that teaches CFOP (it's no where near close to done and I've worked on it for weeks), and I plan on putting a beginners tutorial on it to. As for other cubes I teach myself so I don't know what the method is called. @Bunnytoes

I can solve:

  • 2x2 - 7x7
  • scube
  • scube extreme
  • ivy cube
  • mirror cube
  • ghost cube
  • twisted 3x3
  • floppy cube
  • 2x2x4
Bunnytoes (142)

@cuber1515 wow I have a 4x4 and I know most the yau method but I don't care to solve it

cuber1515 (56)

lol, that sounds like me when my 7x7's scrambled. it takes too long to solve @Bunnytoes