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Follow these steps to create your Warhol Grid:

Find or create an image. For this activity, a smaller starting image will produce higher quality results in a shorter amount of time.
Using the Python documentation as a guide, create a program that loads the image, filters three copies of it, and saves the result. Note: You will need to create the three filters using the filter() method.
Include multiple filters on at least two of your variants.
One of your variants must apply a single filter multiple times with the use of a loop. For example, the top right image above uses a loop to blur the image two times (what if we did it 100 times?).
One of your images must apply at least two different filters to the same image. In the example image, the bottom right image includes a filter to smooth the image and then edge enhance it.
Create the Warhol Grid using Python with the three images you have created. You may modify and use the following starter code: Filters (Links to an external site.). to create the grid. Be creative and do not simply apply EMBOSS or SMOOTH.
Submit the Python program you developed, making sure it includes all images necessary to make the Warhol grid.