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Filename Mischief
fuzzyastrocat (1842)

Like @DynamicSquid, I decided to do something random. (why not? :D) So, I made a short little text-based adventure game with a twist — all game dialogue is given through filenames! Essentially, removes itself and creates a new file, "<the dialogue>", and then runs that file as a python file. That file will then remove itself and create another file, etc etc. Surprisingly, it actually works — and the only interaction outside of the filenames is getting input through the console (which theoretically could've been done by asking the user to create a new file, but that would be cumbersome).

So, hope you enjoy! On small screens it might be best to open the files tab a little wider so that the text doesn't get cut off.

NOTE: Don't use, since you won't be able to see the filenames! Instead, click on "open" below (or go here), and run the repl from there (click the run button).

Gabby8C0des8 (27)

i love this useless game :)

fuzzyastrocat (1842)

@Gabby8C0des8 Thanks! I try to add humor to my projects wherever possible :D

Noticing that you're using the .run url — don't do that, use the repl itself. The game will be much more fun if you can see the filenames (that's the point of the game :).

fuzzyastrocat (1842)

@Gabby8C0des8 Just pinging you since I realize you might not have seen my edit to the comment above.

DynamicSquid (4915)

lol I love this kinda stuff

fuzzyastrocat (1842)

@DynamicSquid It is quite fun. I mean, how can you dislike something as pointless and daft as this? :D