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Fig- Almost a Language

I understand that currently, this is more of a module, but I intend to add variables, defining functions, and if statements.

Fig- the Almost Language Built With Python

Official Documentation:

This is Fig, my not-quite-but-almost-a language! It is very simple to pick up, and even easier if you use SimpleFig, a package that removes some of the more complicated syntaxes, use from system import simplefig;

This is just the beginning of what I hope fig will become, I would appreciate constructive criticism, and I do understand it is mostly if statements in the python, my I've tried using sly, and it just did not work or make much of any sense to me. If you have any additions, just fork the project, make the changes to and mention me, and I'll look at your changes and if I add the changes, I will credit you.

If you would like to make your own projects, which is difficult right now, as there is not much functionality, just fork it and edit main.fig