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Favorite Website Poll / Form
BD103 (139)

Hello. I am currently making an internet-based game, and would like a few popular websites to sprinkle around the game like easter-eggs. It's hard to explain, but when you see the final product you'll understand.

Anyways, because I ran out of ideas, I am hosting this poll where you can submit websites that you think are fun / helpful / interesting / boredom-killers / nice. I added a few layers of protection so you cannot submit non-existent sites. Also, keep it child-friendly or whatever. I don't want any NSFW suggestions.

Few more things:

  1. No spamming, please. This is an honest poll
  2. This site only takes the network location, so individual site pages will not be saved
  3. Do not submit your own work (replit site) unless you truly believe it is amazing. I will only take a few * websites, so not to ruin the rng.
  4. Thank you for doing this! It really helps out.

~ @BD103